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Widely scattered and poorly documented, Whitman's journalism has never been fully collected nor adequately edited. The Whitman Archive is attempting to compile the most complete record of his journalism to date, and as always we welcome information from our users regarding leads to lesser-known documents. It is too early in our work to estimate the total number of Whitman's journalistic contributions during the course of his life. Previous editors of Whitman's journalism identified over 1,200 pieces from the period 1842–1848 alone (see Walt Whitman, The Journalism, ed. Herbert Bergman, Douglas A. Noverr, Edward J. Recchia [New York: Peter Lang, 1998], 1:xxviii). This six-year period was probably Whitman's most prolific as a journalist, but he contributed to newspapers and other periodicals for roughly a decade before 1842 and long after 1848. The Whitman Archive's goal is to present page images and full-text transcriptions of the entirety of Whitman's journalistic output. This work will proceed gradually because of resource constraints.

Currently, we offer page images of the New York Aurora during the three months in 1842 when Whitman edited the paper. In addition, with the support of the National Endowment for the Humanities, we are editing several of Whitman's early journalistic series as well as prose pieces Whitman contributed to various newspapers during the Civil War. This work marks the first time these pieces have been gathered and presented together and the first time that some of the pieces have been reprinted since their initial publication. Whitman's 1851 series "Letters from Paumanok," his 1856 series "New York Dissected," and a first installment of the Civil War journalism are available below; additional pieces will be available soon.

Poems Whitman contributed to newspapers and magazines, such as "Beat! Beat! Drums!," might also rightly be considered journalism. For now, however, we have treated poetic contributions and prose journalism separately. Users interested in Whitman's verse published in newspapers and magazines should refer to the Poems in Periodicals section of the Archive. In the future, we anticipate taking a blended approach to the presentation of these materials.

Whitman's Editorial Work on the New York Aurora

Page images of the New York Aurora

Letters from Paumanok

About the New York Evening Post and "Letters from Paumanok"

"Greenport, L. I., June 25," New York Evening Post 27 June 1851: [1]

"Greenport, L. I. June 28th," New York Evening Post 28 June 1851: [1]

"Brooklyn, August 11," New York Evening Post 14 August 1851: [1]

New York Dissected

About Life Illustrated and "New York Dissected"

"New York Amuses Itself—The Fourth of July," Life Illustrated 12 July 1856: 85

"Wicked Architecture," Life Illustrated 19 July 1856: 93

"The Slave Trade," Life Illustrated 2 August 1856: 108—109

"Broadway," Life Illustrated 9 August 1856: 116

"Street Yarn," Life Illustrated 16 August 1856: 125

"Advice to Strangers," Life Illustrated 23 August 1856: 133

Civil War Journalism

"Brooklyniana; A Series of Local Articles, Past and Present," Daily Standard 3 June 1861: [1]

"Brooklyniana; A Series of Local Articles, on Past and Present," Daily Standard 5 June 1861: [1]

"Brooklyniana; A Series of Local Articles, on Past and Present," Daily Standard 12 June 1861: [4]

"Brooklyniana; A Series of Local Articles, on Past and Present," Daily Standard 28 December 1861: [unknown]

"City Photographs," New York Leader 16 March 1862: 3

"City Photographs," New York Leader 22 March 1862: [1]

"City Photographs—No. III," New York Leader 29 March 1862: [1]

"City Photographs—No. IV," New York Leader 12 April 1862: [1]

"City Photographs—No. V," New York Leader 19 April 1862: [1]

"City Photographs—No. VI," New York Leader 3 May 1862: 2–3

"An Old Landmark Gone," Brooklyn Daily Eagle 9 October 1862: [2]

"The Great Army of the Sick," New-York Times 26 February 1863: 2

"Exemption from Military Service," New-York Times 15 March 1863: 3

"Washington in the Hot Season," New-York Times 16 August 1863: 2

"Letter from Washington," New-York Times 4 October 1863: 2

"Fifty-first New-York City Veterans," New-York Times 29 October 1864: 2

"Our Wounded and Sick Soldiers," New-York Times 11 December 1864: [1]–2

"The Prisoners," New-York Times 27 December 1864: 2

"What Stops the General Exchange of Prisoners of War?," Brooklyn Daily Eagle 27 December 1864: [2]

"A Brooklyn Soldier, and a Noble One," Brooklyn Daily Eagle 19 January 1865: [2]

"The Fifty-first New-York Volunteers," New-York Times 24 January 1865: 3

"The Soldiers," New-York Times 6 March 1865: 2

"Washington," New-York Times 12 March 1865: 3

"Return of a Brooklyn Veteran," Brooklyn Daily Union 16 March 1865: [3]


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